My Big Mouth: Cameron dangling EU exit shows a weak leader on his last legs


Does the EU referendum put the UK economy at risk?


By Richard Leigh

When David Cameron announced there was going to be a referendum on whether the UK stayed in the European Union, you could hear the eurosceptics unite in singing the Tory leaders’ praises.

Before 2017 British people must have their say on the simple choice whether to opt ‘in’ or ‘out’, Cameron proudly announced.

This hollow promise does provide Cameron with an immediate boost with his party and the plethora of uninformed loudmouths who tell every man and his dog that the UK is full, but long term this puts the economic stability of the UK at risk.

Such names as Business Secretary Vince Cable and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have already broken ranks saying that a referendum would have a chilling effect on the economy, but sadly our leader doesn’t have the backbone to not pander to right wing fanatics.

The eurosceptics argue that the one-size-fits-all approach of the EU is hampering Britain running its affairs with its own best interests.

The recent success stories of both Norway and Switzerland who both left the EU can be pointed to as examples of how it can be done.

But even though the emotional appeal of leaving the EU may seem strong, the key fact to remember is that due to the EU we have unfettered access to a single market of over 500 million people.

Our departure would hamper free trade and the damage to our export market would put Britain on the brink of financial ruin.

The UKi s currently seen as the preferred option for overseas investors looking to invest in Europe, so choosing out during the referendum would undermine jobs, dent international relationships and cause a downward plunge in the national wealth.

Now I’m not naive enough to think the EU is a perfect structure where change isn’t needed. The UK does need to have a bigger say as currently France and Germany seemingly run the show. But the EU does need deregulations and streamlining if it truly wants to be seen as an institution that we should feel honoured to be part of.

I feel that we as a nation should think for the longer term stability of our country, don’t be gullible enough to take what the Daily Mail says about immigration as gospel.

We should stand strong and vote ‘in’ during the referendum and not risk everything letting everything we have built economically over the years crumble in front of our very eyes.

Cameron has now proven beyond any doubt he is a lame duck so let’s hope that his remaining term can be seen out without any further damage being done.

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