Battersea youth worker battles snakes, leeches and piranhas during final leg of Amazonian Jungle Marathon

A Battersea youth worker is battling excruciating pain barriers as she nears the end of one of the toughest endurance races in the world for charity.

Josie Benson is running through harsh terrain and wading through piranha and crocodile-infested waters in Brazil to raise money for Devas Club in Battersea.

Out of 80 competitors who began the race, she is currently in 13th place of the remaining 51 competitors and is certainly making her mark.

Her 71-year-old mum, Helen, explained that every time she opens the computer she’s desperate to track her movements.

She said: “I started looking at the day-to-day blog and am now addicted!

“I feel I’m doing it myself.”

Josie has entered the final leg of the competition having already completed four stages in 40 degree heat and 99% humidity, not to mention fighting off anacondas and leeches as she goes.

The 42-year-old is raising money for Devas Club, a charity that helps young people affected by knife and gun crime and attempts to keep them off the streets.

You can find out all about her Amazonian adventures when SWL chats to her on her return next week.

In the meantime you can follow her final stage progress here.

You can support Josie fundraising efforts via her JustGiving page.

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