Campaigners set for protest against new champagne bar in Brixton Village


Anarchist group Yuppies Out are angry at the ‘gentrification’ of the area


By Tom Powell, Hannah Pupkewitz and Sarah Ward

A cheap cheese and cider street party will protest against gentrification in Brixton this Friday.

‘Yuppies Out’, a local anarchist group, are parodying the arrival of ‘Champagne and Fromage’, a family-owned shop opening in Granville Arcade this week.

Despite selling inexpensive champagne from small producers, they see the store as part of a trend of high-end businesses taking over a traditionally working class area.

A ‘Yuppies Out’ spokesperson said: “We were motivated by a feeling of utter hopelessness when faced with the reality that you in fact have absolutely no say in your environment whatsoever.”

The group want people to know they are disgusted by the gentrification of Brixton and hope to open up a community discussion.

“One class of people are without debate or democratic mandate being replaced by another, regardless of their ties to the area, based solely on monetary wealth,” they said.

Their complaints have been rebutted by shop owner Stefano Frigerio who said he is not interested in changing the dynamics of Brixton.

He said: “I do understand the issue but to be honest we are not an expensive champagne bar but a shop selling products at reasonable prices.”

A glass of champagne costs £7.50, with red wine at £4.50, making their prices level with the London average.

Mr Frigerio added: “We are trying as much as we can to recruit staff from the local area, we want to work with local people and create opportunities for Brixton.”

The party, which begins at 5pm on Coldharbour Lane and has over 300 people confirmed attending on Facebook, will provide free White Ace cider and Dairylea cheese.

Local punk band the Fat White Family, who are performing at the event, said that gentrification has wider implications.

“Social cleansing is a brutal and inhumane process, let’s at least call that spade by its true name,” they said.

‘Yuppies Out’ gained notoriety after staging a protest at Foxtons Estate Agents on Brixton Road in July.

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