Merton animal shelter plea to re-home retired greyhounds


As Chris Evans finds a new home for his greyhound, Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare is urging people to open their homes to dogs.


By Kieran Beckles, Benjamin Cusack, Rebecca Felgate, Chris McHugh and Charles Reynolds

As Chris Evans finds a new home for his greyhound, a local animal shelter is calling for Merton residents to do the same.

The Radio 2 DJ’s misfit hound was re-homed on Thursday following an on-air appeal.

Local dog charity, Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare, Hersham, has issued a plea for people to open their homes to greyhounds who have reached the end of their racing careers.

Carol Marshall, 49, who works for the charity, says they are desperate to re-home the dogs.

The shelter has 90 kennels, and relies on donations to care for the homeless dogs.

It can only provide temporary homes for the dogs, while they wait to be re-homed.

Difficult dogs are never put-down, and Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare becomes their permanent home.

Mrs Marshall says that ex-racing greyhounds have an unfair reputation for being unable to socialise well with families.

“They aren’t a complicated dog, they just need understanding and patience like every other dog,” she said.

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare relies on responsible greyhound trainers to make a donation of £300 for the first month of care, but after that, the charity relies on donations, and families willing to adopt the animals.

Successful greyhound trainer Norah McEllistrim, 65, runs her fleet of 60 dogs at Wimbledon Race Track.

She understands that it is difficult for trainers to keep their dogs after their working life is over, but insists that she does everything possible to ensure that her dogs are well-looked after.

Although she sees them not as pets but as workers, she insists that they have a good life.

She said: “On Christmas Day I send stockings to all of my old dogs, no matter where they live.”

“They have a great temperament,” she added. “A lot of greyhounds get on well with cats.”

Every year, the greyhound racing industry produces a surplus of animals which need to be re-homed.

James England adopted three greyhounds from the charity, and believes they make the best pets.

But the proud owner said: “Never leave your bacon sandwiches on the side unattended!”

The charity is appealing for people who might wish to adopt a greyhound to call them on 01932 224918.

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