Traffic in Kingston should be free of jams and delays in run up to Christmas, says council chief

Motorists will be spared snarl-ups and traffic jams in Kingston in the run up to Christmas, it was revealed today.

Kingston Council’s leader Liz Green made the pledge as she promised to ensure that residents are kept informed and updated on what works are being done where and when.

This comes in the run up to Christmas as Kingston’s retail sector needs people to be able to access shops in the town.

The Lib Dem said: “I want to make sure council officers are talking to councillors and local residents so two roads that are needed aren’t closed at the same time.”

There has also been criticism that the borough’s flagship ‘Go Cycle’ scheme to build more cycleways is overrunning and causing more roadworks disruption than is necessary.

Cllr Green backed Go Cycle and said: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

Her administration is also looking to ensure roadworks run more smoothly throughout the year and make other transport improvements, such as the Kingston station forecourt.

She is also determined to press ahead with plans to increase social housing stock in the borough, despite the controversial process for obtaining Greater London Authority funding.

However, under these guidelines, only the leaseholder of a social housing property, who is usually male, has the right to vote.

Cllr Green said: “We have problems with guidelines. The money’s more important.”

The Lib Dem group does not blame Mayor Sadiq Khan for this issue, saying it is an obscure piece of planning regulation from the 1960s which officials have probably overlooked.

The council has chosen Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd as the preferred bidder for the project and is now finalising a ballot to be held in the autumn of 2019 over whether the project for 830 flats goes ahead.

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