Welcome to Trumpland: Meet the family

The American businessman with keys to the White House – let us introduce you to team Trump.




From left to right, Donald Trump, 70

The President-elect of the United States and soon-to-be most powerful man in the world kept his family close throughout his campaign. The thrice-married billionaire tycoon’s victory has marked a shocking rejection of the liberal establishment, and the staunch support of his somewhat unorthodox family has helped him create a family man image that resonated with millions.

Barron William Trump, 10

The only child of Melania and Donald Trump is fluent in Slovene and surprised Larry King in 2010 by speaking English with a slight accent. Dubbed mini-Donald by the media because of his penchant for suits and ties, he also enjoys a spot of golf with his dad at their estate in Palm Beach.

Melania Trump, 46

The Slovenian model, who will be the first foreign-born First Lady since 1825, has shied away from the spotlight throughout the campaign – particularly after claims that she plagiarised a speech by Michelle Obama. Being fluent in five languages she will no doubt be a great diplomatic asset, but she has vowed to be a traditional FLOTUS “like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy” – perhaps somewhat undermined by her infamous shoot for GQ magazine in which she posed naked except for a pair of handcuffs on her husband’s private jet.

Jared Kushner, 35

The husband of Ivanka and father to their three children is a property magnate and owner of the New York Observer. One of the top advisers on the Trump campaign, he was credited as the architect of the president-elect’s digital media presence and de facto campaign manager.

Ivanka Trump, 34

A successful model, designer and author, Trump’s eldest daughter with first wife Ivana is also an executive vice president to the Trump Organisation. Although she is arguably the most popular member of the new first family she has no greater fan than her father, who said in 2006 that if she wasn’t his daughter he would be dating her.

Tiffany Trump, 23

Trump’s daughter from his second marriage to Marla Marples is the most elusive of the troupe. The former Vogue intern has avoided too much political involvement which may have had some impact on her father’s affections, as he told Fox News earlier this week that he was proud of all of his children, but Tiffany ‘to a lesser extent’.

Vanessa Haydon, 38

The bag designer and former model is married to Donald Jr and mother to his five children. She has been on the campaign trail with her husband and, like her stepmother-in-law, calls herself a full-time mum.

Kai Madison Trump, 9

The eldest child of Donald Jr and Vanessa Haydon ups the cute-factor on Team Trump by a mile. Her ninth birthday attracted global media attention after her parent’s hired out a New York ice cream parlour and allowed guests to create their own luxury desserts.

Donald Trump Jr, 38

Another top dog in the family business and chip off the old block, Donald Jr has done his father the service of making a few gaffes of his own throughout the presidential race. Sharing his wisdom on the Syrian refugee crisis, he tweeted: “If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you – would you take a handful?”

Eric Trump, 32

Owner of Trump Winery and a campaign fixture, Eric broke the law on Election Day by posting a picture of a ballot on Twitter. He’s a fan of big-game hunting trips to Africa and posing with dead bears, yet he married horse rider and animal lover Lara Yunaska at his father’s estate two years ago.



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