The Salvation Army clothing bank resembles an overflowing bin

Donations to Salvation Army clothing bank becomes litter on the streets

A woman claims she spent two years asking Salvation Army to remove a clothing bank that became a dumping ground for unwanted clothes.

Nail technician Sindy, who wishes to remain anonymous, watched donations pile up outside a Salvation Army clothing bank from her window on Lady Margaret Road, Southall.

She claimed the clothing bank was too small and old to hold all the donations, and occasionally became jammed.

Donations were left outside the bank and littered across the streets by people, then swept up by Ealing Council.

Sindy, in her 50s, said: “I just feel sorry and sad for the people that are innocently dropping off their stuff thinking they’re doing some good.

“By the time Salvation Army send trucks come around, the Ealing cleaning trucks have already picked it up and thrown it away.”

The donations became an eyesore when bags were opened and contents were scattered around. 

Sindy said: “It would mount up and look absolutely horrendous.”

EYESORE: The Salvation Army clothing bank overflows regularly

Sindy called the Salvation Army repeatedly, and watched the situation worsen over lockdown as donations were not collected and people continued to mistake the donations as available clothes for the needy. 

The mum-of-one said: “When I contacted Salvation Army they just didn’t seem bothered. It really bothered me.”

Sindy felt passionate action should be taken.

She said: “I really believe in looking after the environment, and I do litter picking as well with a voluntary group.

“It bothers me because I like to keep streets clean and I just feel like it’s sad it’s left like that.”

Earlier this week, the clothing bank was removed.  

Sindy said: “It’s been 2 years so it’s a complete relief it’s finally gone.”

A Salvation Army spokesperson said: “Sadly during lockdown the clothing donation bank at Lady Margaret Road suffered from fly tipping and the area has continued to attract dumping. Unfortunately, any items left outside only end up in landfill as they quickly get wet and are ruined.

“Following a review and taking into account past history at the site, which has included people breaking into the bank and leaving clothing strewn around we have taken the decision to remove the bank.

“We are incredibly grateful for donations from members of the public as they fund out vital work with the most vulnerable in the community like rough sleepers and people relying on our food banks.

“There is an alternative clothing bank at a nearby recycling point at Osborne Road/Fleming Road which people can continue to use.”

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