‘Victory for people power’: Labour set to win crucial Croydon Central swing seat

Labour look set to take crucial swing seat Croydon Central from the Conservatives.

Turnout in Croydon Central rose from 67.2% in 2015 to 71.5% – a 4.3% increase.

Council leader Tony Newman was almost certain Sarah Jones will take the seat from Gavin Barwell, having lost by only 165 in 2015.

Mr Newman said: “I think there’s a 99.9% chance of a Labour win.

“I’m normally quite cautious but I’m prepared to go with that.”

Cllr Newman said that Mr Barwell’s alignment with the Conservative’s national campaign may have cost him voters.

“If you look at Gavin’s campaign it was completely associating himself with the Conservative’s national campaign.

“The last thing I saw from him today was him saying he is standing strong with Theresa May.

“People in the constituency will tell you that they had four or five letters from the Prime Minister.

“They’ve had a huge paper and postal campaign but Labour have had hundreds on the street.

“I would think anyone that’s seen the campaign and followed it on social media would say it’s a victory for people power.”

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