RESULT: Labour’s Siobhain McDonagh increases majority in Mitcham & Morden

Siobhain McDonagh did her mother proud after the 93-year old rocked a golden jacket for polling day and witnessed her daughter win Mitcham and Morden for a sixth time.

The Labour candidate who has previously spoken out against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership raised her majority by over 5,500 votes in the red stronghold.

Tory Alicia Kearns trailed behind with less than half the Labour support with 11,664 votes.

Ms McDonagh said: “I’ve been in this game quite a long time, the idea that anyone could tell me that I could get 33,000 votes I have to say is overwhelming.

“I am overwhelmed everyday with the honour that it is to represent the constituency of my birth and where I have always lived.”

The constituency saw a near 10% surge in voters securing a 70.2% turnout.  

Defeated rival candidate Ms Kearns said: “We have the biggest swing of any area of London so far to the Conservatives so that’s a really fantastic result.

“I was disappointed that Siobhain felt the need to again politicise St Helier and claim that it’s closing because there are zero proposals for it to close nor have there been, I think that’s scare mongering.

“I look forward to coming back in 2018 to help win the council seats.”

Mitcham and Morden

Siobhain McDonagh (Labour) 33,039, Alicia Kearns (Conservative) 11,664, Claire Mathys (Liberal Democrat) 1,494, Richard Hilton (UKIP) 1,054, Laura Collins (Green) 644, Des Coke (Christian People’s Alliance) 223

Labour hold, majority 33,039  (+5659)

Turnout: 48,244

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