RESULT: Labour Kate Hoey holds Vauxhall seat with large majority

Labour’s MP Kate Hoey has decisively retained her seat in Vauxhall, gaining 31,522 of the vote. 

Ms. Hoey has been Member of Parliament for Vauxhall continually since the by-election in 1989.

In second place was Liberal Democrat George Turner who was widely tipped to challenge Ms Hoey but only polled 11,326 of the vote.

Ms Hoey retains her position in Vauxhall, despite receiving criticism in the run up to the vote from her own Labour Party in Vauxhall, due to her ‘Leave’ stance on the EU referendum. Lambeth is the borough with the highest ‘Remain’ vote in London.

Ms Hoey said: “I’m happy with the vote, over 50% of the vote. A very positive campaign we fought and I’m delighted to be back in Parliament and it’s going to be a very interesting Parliament.”

She defended here stance on Brexit, saying: “No, because I think most people, apart from the Lib Dems realise we have to move on. Let’s make it a success.

Yes it is going to be very interesting and it will depend on a few final votes. It is going to be a very close Parliament whatever happens. It makes us all even busier than we are normally.”

“Yeah, I’m very happy with Jeremy he’s done very, very well. He’s a different style of politician.”

Defeated rival Mr Turner said: “We have seen in SW London great gains. Vince Cable is going to be a voice of reason in Parliament at a very difficult time. I am extremely pleased.

“A Bad result for us here in Vauxhall but a good result for South West London.

“It’s really tragic for Nick because he has been the voice of reason for so many years. He has been statesman like and powerful in his own. He is one of the only people who can articulate the pro-European cause and he will be a great loss to Parliament.

“Someone needed to make that argument and hold Kate to account for her actions which in my view are outrageous. As a resident of Lambeth and Vauxhall I was outraged that my voice in Parliament would side with the hard right and I stood in this election campaign to make that point and to convince the electorate they needed to change their representative as a result.

“Yeah – it has been a great campaign. I have really enjoyed it. There have been hundreds of new members who have campaigned with us. So I will definitely do this again.”


Kate Hoey (Labour) 31,522, George Turner (Liberal Democrat) 11,326, Dolly Theis (Conservative) 10,277, Gulnar Hasnain (Green) 1,152, Mark Chapman, (Pirate Party), 172, Harini Iyengar (Women’s Equality Party) 539

Labour hold, majority 21,245 (+5744)

Turnout: 67.28%

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