Yes he Khan! Defiant new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan snubs Tories at after party

Crowd’s chanted ‘yes we Khan’ as Sadiq Khan made a rallying speech to supporters at a secret party in London Bridge, telling them that Labour needs to get back into the habit of winning.

The Tooting MP celebrated the diversity of the Labour party as he spoke of the racism him and his family encountered growing up on a council estate in London.

The first Muslim Mayor of London let his feelings be known in a speech at a secret venue in London Bridge after the results were announced in City Hall.

He said: “We’ve gone from that situation, to me and my brothers and my sister being the victims often of racial abuse. The p word was common. Getting into fights. I always won the fights.”

“When my dad first came to this country, it’s a fact, there were signs that said no black, no Irish, no dogs.

“It’s politics and politicians who have changed peoples attitudes to people of colour.”

Mr Khan also used the opportunity to stick the boot into Conservative loser Zac Goldsmith.

He added: “There are some people who will say we won the election because Zac Goldsmith can’t name a Bollywood actor.

“There are some people who will say we won the election because Zac Goldsmith can’t hold a pint of lager.

“Others will say we won it because Zac doesn’t know the name of any tube stations in London.

“Or when he does his buttons up he gets them constantly wrong.

“But let me tell you why we have won the election. We won the election because we understand what Londoner’s need.”

He branded the Conservative Party with a ‘badge of shame’ due to Mr Goldsmith’s negative campaign that divided London.

“The reason why we should all be proud is because we have had a positive campaign,” he said.

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