From captaining school cricket and hockey teams, to establishing carriage driving – A look at Prince Philip’s love of sport

Prince Philip’s enthusiasm for sport ranged from hockey and polo to cricket and establishing the official rules for carriage driving.

Philip first demonstrated his sporting talent whilst at Gordonstoun school in Scotland (pictured above), where he was captain of both the cricket and hockey teams.

The duke was also involved in a wide range of groups and charities which led to him being a patron, president and a member of more than 750 organisations.

His first solo engagement as The Duke of Edinburgh in March 1948 showed his love for sport when he presented prizes at the boxing finals of the London Federation of Boys’ Clubs at the Royal Albert Hall.

Prince Philip was president of the International Equestrian Federation, the international governing body of equestrian sports from 1964 to 1986.

His love of this polo also filtered down to his son Prince Charles and both grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry who all played or continue to play.

It was when Prince Philip was posted to the Mediterranean island of Malta while serving in the Royal Navy in 1949 that his admiration for polo first started.

When returning to the UK in the early 1950s he wanted to revive the game on English turf.

With this incentive, Philip won some of the game’s most respected cups, including the Gold Cup after forming the Windsor Park team.

He also had victories in the prestigious Royal Windsor Cup, one of the UK’s leading tournaments, the Westbury Cup, the Cowdray Challenge Cup and the Junior County Cup.

The Queen’s Cup which was donated by Her Majesty in 1960 eluded him though, finishing runner up on two occasions.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s achievements in the sport of polo came to an end in 1971, when he was forced to retire because of arthritis at the age of 50.

But Philip realised he could make the most of his family’s horses and carriages and took up carriage driving, an equestrian event he helped establish the official rules in.

The sport entailed racing horse-drawn carriages at high speeds through courses and over obstacles.

He participated in carriage driving events between 1972 and 2006, representing his country on multiple occasions.

Prince Philip was also well known for his love of sailing, which he started while in school in Scotland.

In 1962, the Duke bought a yacht named Bloodhound which he sailed competitively for many years before it was sold in 1969.

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