In fine feather: Missing parrot returned to owners after fleeing nest to watch boat race


Io, a six-year-old blue fronted Amazon parrot, took flight from his Fulham home.


By David Eggboro

A lost parrot survived a three day ordeal on a wing and a prayer and is now, once again, enjoying life at his Fulham home.

Io, a six-year-old blue fronted Amazon parrot, took flight from owner Charlie Prince’s shoulder on March 28 as he was putting the rubbish out.

Luckily for Io, PC Tony Spyrou and Sergent Ian Crow were patrolling Bishops Park on Easter Sunday and came across him.

PC Spyrou said: “We saw a man with a parrot on his shoulder in the park and thought, ‘that’s a bit unusual.’

Io, who had also been seen in the Thames watching the boat race, safely returned thanks to a resident who had noticed a poster the Princes had put up in Parsons Green.

The family, of Burnfoot Avenue, hadn’t held out much hope of Io surviving the snow and freezing temperatures so were delighted to have him back.

At the time Io was returned, Charlie and his son, also called Charlie, were out looking for him in exactly spot he had just been found, Bishops Park.

“Io took one look at me and went ‘urgh!’ – he hates me but he loves the boys,” said Charlie’s wife Romana.

“The community spirit in Fulham is absolutely fantastic. Everyone down my street has been looking out for him.”

Photo courtesy of  wwarby, with thanks.

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