Croydon diving board at lido

Croydon diving board memories – the people of Croydon reminisce on what once was

Swimmers’ memories of Croydon’s iconic art deco diving board have made a big splash on social media.

Old photos of the board from the Purley Way Lido now in an abandoned garden centre in Croydon triggered a wave of memories connected to the old pool.

Ewen Moore, 48, who describes himself as a composer/writer was one of many to comment on the old images.

He said: ‘‘It took me totally by surprise. 

“I think it was a combination of things – a very striking and unusual image which stirred people’s curiosity, text that had the feel of the opening of a mysterious story and people with a lot of followers re-tweeting it. 

“And then, of course, it tapped into an audience who had an interest in architecture, particularly art deco, and abandoned urban structures, and a huge number of people for whom the board, and the pool, had strong personal memoirs. 

Former Croydon resident Andy Davis, a 60-year-old gardener currently living in Northampton, said: ‘It felt weird, sort of like deja vu. I couldn’t believe it, but it was lovely to see a familiar place on the internet!

“I remember swimming there as a kid so many great memories, I just remember visiting frequently and it being sunny, always having a good time, I remember my dad and older brothers jumping off the diving board and I always thought they were so brave, I would never have done it had it not been for them.”

Andy said he would love to go back to the abandoned diving board.

He explained:  “If I find myself in the area, I would love to one day!”

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