On The Pulse: Will Apple continue to grow and make innovative products despite Steve Jobs’ death?


SW Londoner paid a visit to Kingston’s Apple store to have a chat with fans of the brand.


By Joel Durston

With the death of Steve Jobs many may now be left wondering how Apple will cope without guidance from the man whose vision made the company the tech powerhouse it is today.

SW Londoner paid a visit to the Apple store in Kingston to ask customers and fans of the brand:

Will Apple continue to grow and make innovative new products, despite Steve Jobs’ untimely death? 








Jack Shanahan, 18

“He’s going to have a good team in place. It’s not just him, not just one man. They will still continue to release up-to-date products.”


Simanta Kuitkauskaite, 17

“Yes, I think it will, but it might not be quite as innovative without him.”


Chris Jones, 18

“It’s just a competitive, fast-moving business so I’m not sure if they’ll be as successful without him at the head of the company.”


Mosei Hanson, 48

“I don’t know much about him, whether he was a genius or if it was more other people around him. I think he gathered up enough genius to set up the machines. You never know. I don’t know enough about him whether he was just the owner or the man with all the ideas or he just had a bunch of really good people around him. I bet they’ve got tons of geniuses.”


Tarrick Ali, 18

“It will affect the company, definitely. The products won’t be of the standard that we are used to. Will they keep up the standard, the excellence of his work? I doubt it. When he left the company, Apple went down. I think the company will go downhill.”


Karl Longden, 45

“I think they will but only for a couple of years. Steve Jobs was so hands on. He was the figurehead. He was multi-tasking. I don’t think another person would be able to do that. It will never be the same.”


Ernest Alisham, 49

“My perception of Apple is that it was pretty much influenced by him; the type of people there and the atmosphere he created was pretty much conducive to what he wanted to do. So, I don’t know if it will be such a shock for the company.  Internally I don’t know if it will make that much difference. There are people there with very good designs and vision.”


Jamie Duncan, 24

“I think it’s impossible for the man not to have passed on his visionary was of thinking to others. I think Apple will be fine as they probably have a good idea of their next releases over the next few years anyway.”



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