Lensbury Club celebrates opening of new lounge with sport stars Q&A

The Lensbury Club, a private members club in Teddington, celebrated the opening of a new lounge with a Q&A session featuring a panel of sporting stars on Tuesday, May 14.

The £1.2 million Dunbar Members’ Lounge held a preview reception on Tuesday evening before its official opening to members on May 15 in which the main attraction was a Q&A session focused around the topic: ‘Can everyone be elite?’

The panel included stars such as Olympic rowing gold medallist Will Satch, tennis player Ryan Peniston, former pentathlete turned sports scientist Greg Whyte, England Red Rose Rosie Galligan and Gladiators star and English rugby player Jodie Ounsley.

When asked if anyone can become an elite athlete, Whyte said: “By definition, being elite is only bestowed on a limited number of people – in contrast, we all have the ability to boost our health and performance.

“By setting appropriate goals, creating a plan and surrounding ourselves with a supportive team, we can continue to live happy, healthy and productive lives, whatever our age. 

“Understanding and improving fitness is central to improved health and quality of life – it is great that The Lensbury provides its members with the space and facilities to optimise their fitness and health.”

Assembled sports star panel waiting for a question in relation to discussion of the overall topic, ‘Can everyone be elite?’ Credit: William Robinson

The new lounge is the latest addition to the club’s facilities that includes a gym, fitness studios, swimming pool and thermal suite, tennis courts, a watersports centre, and 25 acres of gardens and grounds.

When asked about the facilities at the club, Galligan said: “I think it is a fantastic facility, I’ve been training here with the Red Roses throughout the Six Nations campaign.

“But this is just unreal, I’m glad that the door at the back of the lounge opens up to the grass as well because that it is probably one of the best features of being at the Lensbury.”

She added regarding the evening: “It has been an amazing evening, discussing what it is to be elite and being around like-minded people talking about how good sport is.”

Peniston offered similar thoughts: “I particularly enjoyed speaking to some exceptional people and hearing about their personal and professional lives. 

He said on the facilities: “It was impressive to see such high-quality facilities that definitely had elite sport in mind. 

“One of my favourite exhibits at The Lensbury was the wall of racquets which had so many tennis legends on there. 

“I’d love to spend some more time at The Lensbury and would recommend anyone to check it out.” 

Speakers and guests mingle after the discussion and enjoying the new lounge. Credit: William Robinson

Lensbury Club Marketing Manager Justin Stanton said: “We are so pleased to have created a new social space for our members that meets their expectations and will enhance their club experience.

“It is one of the first in a series of developments to The Lensbury’s membership offering designed to meet the future needs of our members.”

He added regarding the evening: “We’re very pleased to be able to host an event which has received such a positive response from both attendees and the panellists.

“It was a great way to mark the opening of The Dunbar Lounge.”

For more information about the Lensbury Club and the new lounge, visit their website.

Featured Image Credit: William Robinson

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