Exit polls: Conservatives largest party but short of majority

The broadcasters’ exit poll predicts the Conservatives will be the largest party in parliament once again, but risk missing out on majority by 12 seats.

The survey by Ipsos MORI and GfK for Sky News, the BBC and ITV News included 30,450 interviews from 144 polling stations across the UK to produce a mock ballot paper, and have controversially predicted a hung parliament.

The Conservatives were predicted to win a comfortable majority by more than 60 seats before the polls.

However, the polls predict just 314 seats for Theresa May, 17 less than in 2015, and a dozen seats short of securing a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is forecasted to have a total of 266 seats, 34 up from two years ago, but the exit poll team have warned the party are ‘a long way from securing power for itself’.”

The exit poll team also add that the Liberal Democrats, who are forecasted to earn 14 seats, will not be ‘enjoying any significant revival in their fortunes’.

SNP are predicted to be suffering bigger losses than previously imagined as they are forecasted as winning just 34 seats, while UKIP are predicted to have none.


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