London Elections 2021 Day Two: By-election round-up

The second day of election counting is underway, but what are the results for south west London council by-elections so far?

Read on for a round up of who won in wards across Croydon including Woodside, South Norwood and Kenley wards, as well as a by-election in Kingston which saw 12 Monster Raving Loony Party candidates on the Chessington South ballot.

New Addington North ward

Labour’s Kolapo Aaron Agboola won with 1,214 votes and will now be a councillor for New Addington North.

Conservative candidate Lara Leigh Fish came second with 985 votes.

Agboola said: “This victory belongs to all of us, I extend my hand of fellowship. Politics is ending now, lets all work together and make New Addington great.”

New Addington North currently forms part of the Croydon Central Constituency, and has been Labour dominated since its formation.

The count had a 35.2% turnout, with 2,534 ballot papers issued and 38 ballot papers rejected.

Woodside ward

Labour carries on its hold of Woodside with a win for Michael Bonello with 2,375 votes.

Michelle Cazi from the Conservative party, came second with 1,315 recorded votes.

Benello said: “I will work as hard as I can for the people of Woodside to deliver Labour values.”

Chessington South ward

A total of 19 candidates stood in the Chessington South ward election, with Liberal Democrat Andrew Mackinlay taking victory.

Mackinlay won with a total of 1,387 votes, with Sue Towner from the Conservative Party coming second with 1278 votes.

The turnout was 48.32% with a total of 3,756 elected votes.

Mackinlay said: “I look forward to forward to working with my Liberal Democrat Council colleagues in enhancing and improving the quality of life of our borough.”

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party had a total of 12 candidates for this position.

ON THE BALLOT: Loony Supporters. Image Credit: Joe Grostern

Kenley ward

Ola Kolade, Kenley resident and Conservative candidate, took the win with 2,220 votes.

Kolade said: “I’m so passionate about Croydon and Kenley, we want residents in the conversation with Labour’s building.”

PASSIONATE: Ola Kolade won a seat in the Kenley ward

John Mitchell Sailing, the Labour candidate for Kenley, took second place with 618 votes.

South Norwood ward

Louis Carserides, Labour candidate, took victory with 2,276 votes, followed by Sonia Marinello, the Conservative candidate with 1,173 votes.

Carserides said: “I know how much potential South Norwood has and I will do everything I can to work with the residents and achieve that potential.”

Hounslow Heath ward

Madeeha Asim, Labour candidate for Hounslow won with 2,179 votes, on a 40% turnout.

Conservative Nadia Jarche took second place with 1,150 votes.

Asim said: “I aim to work tirelessly to deliver on all my promises.”

Cranford ward

Devina Ram for Labour won in Cranford with 2,129 votes, with Conservative candidate Shabnam Nasimi taking second place with 1,191 votes.

Ram said: “Human progress isn’t measured by human or industry development, it’s measured by the value you place on a life. Your value is my value.”

St Helier ward

Helena Dollimore took the win for Merton’s Labour Party with a victorious 1,859 votes, compared with Conservative Isaac Frimpong’s 907 votes.

There were a total of 79 rejected papers, and a total of 3,416 votes.

Parkhill & Whitgift ward

Jade Appleton, Conservative candidate, took the prize with 1,188 votes, shortly followed by Chrishni Reshekaron, the Labour candidate with 724 votes.

Appleton said: “It is an honour and privellige to represent the area I call my home and I will do my very best to stand up for our community.”

Bedford ward

Hannah Maria Stanislaus, Labour candidate, was voted in as a councillor for the Bedford ward with a total of 2,714 votes.

She was followed by Conservative Tom Mytton who received 1,778 votes.

Stanislaus said: “If we want something we’ve never had we have to do something we’ve never done before, I can’t wait to do this as your Bedford ward councillor.”

Featured Image Credit: Kirsten Grant

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