Croydon & Sutton won by Neil Garratt as Conservatives hold

The Conservatives have held the London Assembly seat in Croydon & Sutton in their first constituency victory of the day in the capital.

Neil Garratt won 75,246 votes compared to runner-up Labour candidate Patsy Cummings who gained 56,975 votes.

The conservatives have held the Croydon & Sutton seat since the London Assembly was founded in 2000.

Garratt said: “Thank you very much to everyone, let’s look for a positive and excellent future for Croydon and Sutton.”

Garratt is taking over from his predecessor Steve O’Connell who first won the seat in 2008 and won with a 10% majority, up from O’Connell’s 2016 majority of 6.4%.

Garratt said: “The big immediate challenge for London and for Croydon and Sutton is to get people’s lives back to normal.”

In third position came Claire Bonham for the Liberal Democrats with 26,258 votes followed by the Greens’ Peter Underwood with 18,069 votes.

The turnout was 42% down from 46% in 2016.

Here’s SWL’s round-up after yesterday’s results.

Feature Image: Joe Marshall

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Christopher Garratt
Christopher Garratt
9 May 2021 9:13 am

Well done Neil,your Dad would have been so proud of you.

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