General Election 2015: Optimistic Greens hope for cashback guarantee

Despite an optimistic start, the Green candidates in south west London now seem to be more worried about losing their deposits than winning votes.

To take part in a general election each candidate must pay £500 which is only returned if they get at least 5% of votes cast.

Chelsea and Fulham Green candidate, Guy Rubin, said: “Best case scenario this evening is to get our deposit back and continue to build momentum for the party.”

Others highlight their struggle with the bigger parties on differences in funding.

Chris Poole, Putney’s Green candidate, said: “A success for me tonight would be getting my deposit back because the Greens are a small party without millionaire donors unlike the other parties.

“At the moment, if you’ve got millionaires, like UKIP, you can buy as billboards as you want and have leaflets everywhere and I think that does have a disproportionate effect.”

Earlier Clare Keogh, Green candidate for Kingston and Surbiton said: “We would absolutely love to get our deposit back, that is what we are pushing for but four or five percent would be fantastic and I definitely think that’s realistic for us.”

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