Defeated UKIP candidate says Croydon North ‘still a dump that lets down young people’

Croydon North’s UKIP candidate branded Croydon an ‘absolute disgusting mess’, and ‘still a dump’, after he came third in last night’s General Election.

Winston McKenzie, who scored 2,899 votes, said that Croydon North needs better communication that focuses on its young people and more proportionate funding throughout the area.

He said: “There are kids sleeping in the streets with no food and no housing, no money. And yet there are people coming into the country being looked after.

“To talk about that type of thing doesn’t make you a racist. I’m a black immigrant and I’m proud!”

Mr McKenzie argued that the young people of Croydon are turning to crime and could only be saved if politicians speak to them on their level, something he said other candidates are incapable of.

“The one thing I will do that the other parties can’t do is communicate.

“They need to get their finger out. I want to know where taxes are going and why are they cutting back on everything. It’s despicable. I will never let go of that.”

 The UKIP candidate added that he was feeling ‘fantastic’ because he increased his votes on last year and he will be going on holiday to celebrate.

“I can’t wait to run again. I’ll probably go into the Big Brother house next!” he said.
Mr McKenzie said that Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, is the type of the leader the country needs.
 “The Guvnor, Nigel Farage, is not defeated yet. But if he is I will be disgusted,” he said.
 Mr McKenzie came third in Croydon North following Conservative candidate, Vidhi Mohan, who gained 12,148 votes and came second.
 The Croydon North constituency remains a safe Labour seat with returning MP Steve Reed securing first place with 33,513 votes.

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