Croydon South Conservative newcomer ‘elated’ to win seat with 54% of votes

Chris Philp won the Croydon South seat after the retirement of his Tory colleague Sir Richard Ottaway but won’t have time to celebrate as he will be caring for his young children.

Newcomer Chris Philp secured the biggest conservative majority in Croydon South since 1992 with 54% of the vote.

Mr Philp won 31,448 votes, which kept him 17,140 ahead of the second place Labour candidate Emily Benn.

“I feel elated. It’s a huge honour to have been elected to represent our neighbourhood here in south London,” he said.

When asked about his celebration plans for his victory Mr Philp said: “Our little baby twins are due to wake up in about an hour so I think we are going to be changing nappies and feeding them breakfast.”

Sir Richard Ottaway held the safe Conservative seat for 23 years and Mr Philp expressed his gratitude for his neighbours trusting him to take over from Sir Ottaway.

“I will do my best to work hard as an active, energetic local MP in the interests of all the constituents – whether they voted for me or not – and in the interests of people across the borough,” he said.

“We’re a diverse borough and I would like to see every single citizen of this borough from all backgrounds to have every opportunity to have a fair chance in life.

“I would like to work with councillors of all parties, the Mayor of London, the government of whatever colour, to try and make that happen.”

Mr Philp triumphed with an extra 2,764 votes than the last election, which made it the largest conservative majority vote in two decades.

UKIP came third with 6,068 votes and Liberal Democrats came fourth with 3,448.

The Green Party held 2,154, and Putting Croydon First had 221 votes while Class War only managed 65 votes.

Sir Ottaway successfully raised £11m for Purley Hospital to be re-built and Mr Philp wants to continue his work and support for the NHS.

He wants Purley Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit to extend its opening hours to open in the morning as well as the afternoon and evening.

Philp has expressed his passion for the NHS and he thanks them for saving the lives of his twin children two years ago, who were born prematurely.

Other main priorities in Mr Philp’s plans are to discuss issues with Southern Rail to talk about their performance with the train service.

He said: “I want to see proper compensation for commuters affected and for the Rail Minister to hold weekly performance review meeting with Southern’s CEO until the problems are fixed.”

However, Mr Philp has high hopes for the constituency and said: “Unemployment in Croydon South has halved in the past five years, let’s halve it again in the next five years.”

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