Conservative Paul Scully promises to ‘prioritise’ St Helier hospital after winning Sutton and Cheam

Sutton and Cheam becomes a Conservative constituency ending an 18-year Liberal Democrat reign by Paul Burstow.

Former MP Paul Burstow received 16,811 votes (33.61%) and had been in power since 1997, but lost out to Paul Scully who gained 20,732 votes (41.45%).

The newly-elected MP was delighted with the news and is eager to get to work as he believes he has a lot to offer Sutton and Cheam.

Mr Scully said: “It has been a fantastic campaign and I am extremely proud. I think local people have responded to the policies I have raised and I am really looking forward to the next five years.

“It was a DWP civil servant that talked about Sutton being an average place with average people. But I can tell you that tonight average people have spoken.

“I think this win echoes the mood of the conservative party up and down the country. We will have to see what the final numbers are but it is looking like a good night.

“At the end of the day everything starts with the economy. If you don’t have the confidence in the market, and don’t have the drive of the markets or the jobs and money coming in you don’t get the taxes to pay for public services.”

One of the major issues in Sutton and Cheam has been the future of St Helier hospital but Mr Scully has vowed to make sure the hospital is prioritised and looked after.

He said: “People here in Sutton and Cheam want St Helier hospital not only saved and protected, but given the breathing space to have the finance that it needs to bring back the morale to the staff that works there.

“They work fantastically long hours in a very difficult job and they also want an ambitious vision for Sutton an Cheam, but in the UK they want strong leadership as well, they want a country that lives within its means.

“We want the existing people to feel proud to work there and know that they have a viable and foreseeable future.”

Mr Scully beat off competition from Labour’s Emily Brothers who won 5,546 votes as well as UKIP’s Angus Dalgleish who received 5,341 votes

But Mr Scully was still very complementary about the other candidates and reserved a special word for outgoing MP Mr Burstow.

He said: “I pay tribute to all of the candidates in this campaign but especially to Mr Burstow who has given 18 years to this constituency.

“I know we don’t agree on many issues but I also know that his heart is in the right place.”

Turnout from voters in Sutton and Cheam dropped slightly from 72.8% to 72.2% with 49,967 people voting.

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