Carshalton and Wallington Tory candidate ‘disappointed’ that despite huge swing he was pipped to post

Carshalton and Wallington’s Conservative candidate ran the Liberal Democrat candidate very close in the election race, losing by just 1,510 votes.

Matthew Maxwell Scott had every right to get his hopes up of winning the seat after the BBC exit poll suggested that the Conservatives had clinched the seat.

However it transpired that Tom Brake managed to retain the seat and is the only south west London Liberal Democrat left in parliament.

Mr Maxwell Scott said: “Obviously I’m very disappointed and to have come so close is frustrating, nonetheless I’ve enjoyed the campaign enormously – I’m very proud of what me and my team have achieved.

“It was a significant swing toward me and the best result we’ve had here since 2005 and, who knows, next time it could be different but obviously I’m very disappointed, nonetheless very proud of what I’ve done.

Mr Maxwell Scott gave up his job as a BBC speech writer to run in the campaign, so what is the next step for him?

“I don’t know, I’m unemployed so I’d better try and find a job I suppose – still life goes on,” he said.

He was much more optimistic when it came to the national outlook where the Conservative position seems to be strong.

“Overall the Conservatives have been having a very good night, seeing welcome early results like Battersea and Nuneaton were Labour hoped to take seats from us,” he said.

“But what is less welcome are the massive swings to the nationalists in Scotland which would be very interesting constitutionally.”

Picture courtesy of  John Keane, with thanks

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