On the Pulse: What does Mother’s Day mean today?


The American invention has become a day of celebration across the world.


By Christine Dorisamy-Pillai

Mother’s day is an American invention from 1914 and has since been celebrated all over the world at different times of the year. 

With Brits celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, SWL hit the streets to find out from what the day means to them.

Many people see it as a time of year to spoil their mums, and there are a few ladies who look at it as a chance to be looked after.

“It’s a day you show appreciation for your mum, but obviously you should show it every day,” said Jessica Underdown, 22.

Andrew Sheppard, 16, said: “It’s a chance to take a look at what you have and appreciate your mum.”

Anna Hjerdin, 38, added: “You have to make sure to remember to tell her she’s special.”

Similarly, Davey Orneara said: “It’s a day for family and to get together, to give something back and spoil her.”

Ben, 33, simply said: “It just means being nice to my mum.”

Tim Jackson, 29, had a slightly more laissez faire attitude. He said: “It’s just a day. I should probably get a card actually!”

Others are a bit more cynical about the whole thing. “It is about family but it’s all a too bit commercial. Just being a mother is a celebration in itself, I don’t see why you need a special day,” said Gaynor Bryant, 66.  

Pauline Bedford, 58, agrees. “I think it’s a commercial day. I don’t need a special day to tell my mum I love her,” she said.

A lot of lucky mums were looking forward to the day.

“Mother’s day is lovely. You get spoilt, especially when you have three lovely children” said Pearl Baker, 45.

“Oh it means everything to me,” said Jane Sabetian who was waiting for her daughter at Wimbledon station.

“It’s my daughter’s birthday this weekend as well and we’re on our way now to a party and meal to celebrate both,” she continued.

It also means a lot to Roberta Lydon, 65, who said it was even more special now that she is a grandmother.

“I have four children, and they’re all married with children of their own. There are quite a lot of them to be under one roof!” she said.

Photo courtesy of  Carolyn_Sewell, with thanks.

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