Surbiton coffee company cash in on Olympic Games business


Coffee companies are looking to cash in on the London 2012 Games which do not have an official coffee sponsor.


By Ronan Groome, Aisha Avery, Nick Moore & Marina Izidro

London coffee companies are looking to cash in on the Olympic Games this year as millions of visitors head to London this summer.

Whilst there are food and soft drink sponsors for the Games, there is currently not an official coffee sponsor – opening up the chance for companies to provide their service.

One Surbiton-based chain, Coffee Bay Cafes, will be at the Games delivering equipment for around a dozen sponsors’ chalets, with the responsibility of providing trained baristas to serve.

John Green, Managing Director, said: “We are more than pleased to be involved with the Olympics.”

Coca Cola and McDonalds, two of the global Games sponsors, will see the period not only as a unique sponsorship opportunity, but a huge selling pitch.

McDonalds have estimated they will sell 1,75m meals in the Olympic Village, while Coca Cola will set up over 3,000 vending machines – 350 running under a ‘contactless payment’ system, where people can swipe their credit/debit VISA card.

In addition the Village will see hundreds of thousands of food quantities consumed during the three-week period.

A total of 232 tonnes of potatoes, 330 of fruit and veg and 75,000 litres of milk are some of the significant amounts predicted by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

McDonalds, the official restaurant of the Games, will be serving their Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, as an added alternative.


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