West Sussex private school offers bursaries to prospective Twickenham students

A prestigious West Sussex private school is offering bursaries to bright children from the Twickenham area.

Christ’s Hospital School, located in Horsham, is the UK’s leading charitable school and largest bursary charity.

The historic boarding school, which is over 450 years old, is known for its unique Tudor uniform, musical marching band and excellent educational reputation.

The bursaries that are accessible to prospective students from Twickenham to help fund their attendance to the school are made available through the John & Frances West Family Group.

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Photo credit: Christ’s Hospital

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Paul Lee
Paul Lee
7 December 2021 12:43 pm

As a former member of the Committee of Almoners for Christs Hospital, I can confirm that these bursaries, known as The West Gift scheme , can be obtained via Richmond Council.
One notable former pupil was the late Sir Austin Wyeth Bunch KBE. He was for a number of years the chairman of The Electicity Council and a leading light in the British Limbless Ex-servicemens Association. A truly remarkable product of one of Englands finest schools.

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