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Croydon tram crash: Official report finds driver probably had a microsleep

The official report into the Croydon tram derailment that killed seven and injured more than 50 people has found the driver most likely fell asleep before the accident.

The tram was travelling at an estimated 45mph on the approach to Sandilands tram stop soon after 6:00am on November 9 2016, above the 12mph limit for the junction.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) also noted that action was not taken after a tram was recorded speeding just days before the tragedy.

Croydon Council Leader Tony Newman said: “Just a few weeks ago Croydon commemorated the first anniversary of this tragic incident and the victims, their families and friends are never far from our thoughts.

“Our residents rightly expect to be safe when travelling on public transport networks and I welcome the recommendations outlined in the report. Passenger safety is paramount and I would like to see those recommended actions be put in place as quickly as possible to prevent anything like this ever happening again.”

A total of 15 tram safety recommendations have been made in the 174-page report.

Among these are the use of stronger windows and doors, greater risk management and a dedicated safety body for UK tramways.

Investigators concluded the fatalities and many of the serious injuries were caused by passengers being thrown out of carriage windows.

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