SWL’s Unsung Heroes: Brixton taxi driver pushes himself to the limit to raise money for charity


Stephen Teague completed the Iron Man event this August.


By Sean Connor

A taxi driver who grew up in Brixton has raised almost £6,000 for charity after taking part in several physically gruelling challenges.

Humble hero Stephen Teague, who now lives in Bromley, recently completed the Iron Man challenge in Bolton. In the past he has raised money for charities such as Macmillan, the Down Syndrome Association and Breast Cancer UK.

The Iron Man event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a full 26 mile marathon, all of which must be completed in less than 17 hours.

“The actual day is amazing – competing is the best part of it. Crossing the finish line with my daughter was incredible,” said Stephen.

He completed the challenge in a staggering 12 hours and 26 minutes in 2012 and managed a similar time in 2013, competing against hundreds far younger than himself.

“Having a cause to train for was far more valuable than just going through the motions at the gym,” he said.

“Training would begin seven months before the day, starting around new year. A combination of cycling, swimming and running for two hours a day, sometimes twice a day, six days a week is what I do.

 “It’s a day of pain for a lifetime of glory.”

Another highly respectable effort of Stephen’s was when he ran a marathon to raise money for Breast Cancer UK, in memory of his friend’s wife who passed away last year. He raised around £1,800.

The competitive fundraising began when his father passed away over a decade ago, with smoking prominently to blame. He began with the 2003 London Marathon, completing seven since, and has raised over £3,000 alone from sponsorships.

Stephen strives to be a great figure for his wife Debra, and two daughters, Molly, 13 and Jessica, 9, who attend every event he does to cheer him on.

He hasn’t decided on when or what the next challenge will be, but is confident he will do something again in the future.

“I’d like to do something crazy for my 50th, it would make a good milestone,” he said.

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