Richmond charity rewarded with Christmas party at Pembroke Lodge


The charuity are being thanked for their help in consultation plans for Richmond and Twickenham stations.


By Marc Sobbohi

A Richmond charity will receive a richly deserved Christmas party at Pembroke Lodge thanks to their help in consultation plans for Richmond and Twickenham stations.

The Visually Impaired Society of Richmond (VISOR) received a £1,750 council grant towards a Christmas event at the stylish venue making a vast difference from previous celebrations.

VISOR Chair, Jackie Venus, said: “Everyone is very excited to know that we have actually got a grant for Christmas dinner. It makes it a lot easier, it’s a nice finish to the year to be honest.

“You very rarely get much thanks for what you do, you work tirelessly, so it’s nice to be able to go and celebrate in such a lovely building overlooking the whole of Richmond .

“It’s a really beautiful setting instead of stopping into a local café or pub.”

VISOR suggested ways to ease access for visually impaired users of the stations. The group came up with ideas such as tactile paving, guidance and a generally safer outlay to the station.

The Richmond charity organises events such as bowling, swimming and holiday trips and membership is just £10 per annum.

VISOR received the money from the council’s Civic Pride Fund which is aimed at rewarding the work of community projects.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Cabinet Member for Community, Business and Culture, said: “VISOR is a great example of a local group who tirelessly campaign on local and national issues to improve the lives of disabled members of our community.

“The fund is for one-off projects that make public places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive, and help build stronger communities. It is very important to recognise the hard work of our local community; this particular grant is a good example of this.”

Despite the boost from the grant VISOR still have hard work ahead to keep up the good work.

The real Christmas present VISOR want is a premises of their own instead of being in the precarious position of renting from the council.

Mrs Venus said: “We would like a permanent home, we could be gone tomorrow for all we know.”

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