Richmond ‘Adopt a Grave’ scheme proves a success


Schools, residents and battalions are all getting involved in the scheme where relatives cannot attend to family graves due to illness or distance.


By Almaz Ohene

The ‘Adopt a Grave’ scheme in Richmond continues to prove a success with schools, residents and battalions all getting involved.

Some people who would like to tend their family graves may be unable to do so due to illness or distance.

Anthony Lindsay, a local historian, teamed up with the Victoria Cross Association to adopt five Victoria Cross holders’ graves.

A Council spokesperson said: “After the work was completed on the Victoria Cross graves, a re-dedication took place of the ‘Prendergast’ grave in Richmond Cemetery.

“It was attended by the family and descendants of General Sir Harry North Dalrymple Prendergast and the Royal Engineers, followed by a function at Pembroke Lodge.”

Richmond residents have chosen to give their time and attention to help restore graves and grave adopters may plant new bulbs or flowers close to their chosen grave.

It gives loved ones that extra peace of mind to know that their grave is being cared for.

General Sir William Olpherts grave was adopted by the 57 Olpherts Battery, and with a lot of hard work, was completely renovated.

A Council spokesperson said: “We have 36 adoptees and the graves are spread throughout borough cemeteries.”

Strathmore Road School in Teddington adopted four graves within Teddington Cemetery.

These are graves of former pupils of the school whose names are recorded on a war memorial within the school grounds.

People who are unable to get involved can help by donating to the scheme.

For more information about the call the council on: 08456 122660.

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