Michelle Lewis says it’s ‘quality not quantity’ as she releases first new music for a decade

American singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis is currently on a European tour to celebrate the release of her third studio album All That’s Left.

It’s the first album in nearly a decade for the folk-pop singer and she said that her vocals and songwriting skills are more refined now that time has passed.

She said: “With songwriting, I used to need more time to get my point across, but I think my writing has improved in a way that is more efficient and effective.

“What used to take me five minutes to say now takes three, it’s quality not quantity.”

Anthony J Resta and Karyadi Sutedja were the production team behind Michelle’s new sound – and they’ve worked together for almost 10 years.

Robby Hecht appears on the duet In Love Again and co-wrote two songs on the record.

Michelle’s new album could be described as a musical storybook as she draws on personal experiences to write her songs.

She said: “I had a lot of loss in my life while writing this record but I also draw from other people’s experiences I’ve observed.

“Sometimes the song is already written for you, you just have to listen.”

The final leg of her UK tour is at The Cabbage Patch in Twickenham on Sunday before she heads over to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

When asked what her favourite part about touring Europe is, she said: “Stocking up on chocolate in Belgium.

“No, it’s the fans of course!

“I’ve never met so many kind and generous people and I just love travelling around Europe, it’s so beautiful.”

Michelle is set to play a total number of 22 shows across Europe throughout September.

When asked what’s next after the tour, Michelle said that she wants to relax.

“I’m going to lay on a beach in Hawaii and drink a Mai Tai or seven,” she said.

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