On The Pulse: Was Oscar Pistorius right to complain about the length of his rival’s blades?


SWLondoner took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out…


By Grant Cloughton

Oscar Pistorius’ blade row has urged some to question the International Paralympic Committee’s regulations.

The South African raised the issue after losing out to Brazilian-born athlete, Alan Oliveira, in the men’s T43/44 200m final on 2 September.

Pistorius claimed the race was unfair because Oliveira wore elongated blades, adding four inches to his height and improving his stride pattern.

A complaint was filed by Pistorius a month before the event but no action was taken.

IPC regulations state that competitor’s artificial limbs “must not create the unrealistic enhancement of stride length”.

While Pistorius was careful not to place the blame on fellow Paralympian Oliveira, he did suggest the IPC’s rules on blade length are simply too vague.

SWLondoner headed out onto the streets to gauge public opinion on the matter…

Oscar Tasca, 21

You would not make Usain Bolt pull out of the race just because he has got longer legs, so why should it be any difference in this case?


Tom Criddle, 19

I am not really aware of the science how they are made they are made. I cannot imagine they would make that much of an effect


Gavin Leg, 26

I think he was right to complain. I do not think he is a sore loser as it was said in the heat of the moment. It was an emotional time. But I think he is right to launch that question.


Jason, 21

A bit of both. He is obviously going to be upset about it. But there are no rules to be broken. So I think he should just get on with it, really.


Fitz Simmons, 59

I think he did come across as that, but then afterwards he did apologise. Last night he was quite ok. I think it was probably a spur of the moment thing.


James McGarry, 20

I think both at the same time. I would feel cheated if someone had changed the length of the blade. But at the same time I do think he took it quite badly. I think his initial reaction was to be a sore loser.


Christine Ascure, 59

If his legs were made longer by having them on, then perhaps it is unfair. But then again he could just be a sore loser.


Sarah, 22

I do not think he is a sore loser. He is probably just mad he did not win. I would probably do the same thing, but I am a sore loser.


Gary Johnson, 45

That is a sore loser. That has got to be. Why didn’t he complain at the start, not after it finished? He must have known the length of his blades before it started.


Melanie Beecher, 43

No, I do not think he is a sore loser. But I didn’t get that involved in the whole argument regarding the length of the blades, and from what I can work out he apologised from that anyway. I watched him last night and he was really a true sportsman.


Andrew Gillen, 31

Yeah, I think someone should know the rules before they participate. However, I was in the stadium last night and he was gracious then.


Ross, 23

Sore loser. It’s worked out fairly. It’s worked out by height and weight. And that’s fair.

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