Britain First’s Paul Golding snubs Labour’s Sadiq Khan in inaugural London Mayor speech

Britain First’s Paul Golding turned his back on new London Mayor Sadiq Khan as made his inaugural speech in a calculated show of disgust towards the man he named ‘dangerous.’

Mr Golding denied being a sore loser and claimed he never entertained hopes of becoming London’s premier as the party had only used this election to court the media.

This display resulted in the Women’s Equality Party suggesting making a formal complaint to the returning officer about the display.

“I think the fact that Sadiq Khan’s a Muslim he got all the Muslim votes, blew him out of the water completely,” he said.

“But all this pandering to Islam and minorities has got to stop because this is the way politics is going, everyone’s pandering to minorities.”

He claimed that it was disgusting that Labour’s ‘hard line left wing bigots’ had taken over and chosen Mr Kahn as mayor.

In spite of these comments Mr Golding lamented that his only regret about the night was that George Galloway was not there and called him a coward.

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