General election 2015: Kingston and Surbiton Green candidate confident party will make ‘good gains’

Clare Keogh, Green Party candidate for Kingston and Surbiton believes her party is going to make major gains both in her constituency and nationwide.

Ed Davey of the Liberal Democrats has been the area’s MP for the last 18 years and it is thought his main challenge will come from Conservative candidate James Berry.

The last two times the Greens have contested the seat – 2010 and 2001 – they received 555 and 572 votes respectively, both equating to one percent of the overall vote.

But in the tightest election in decades, Ms Keogh believes she can quadruple her party’s percentage this time around.

“I think we are going to make good gains,” she said.

“We would absolutely love to get our deposit back, that is what we are pushing for but four or five percent would be fantastic and I definitely think that’s realistic for us.

“I really think we will make progress tonight so I am excited to see how that comes out in terms of numbers.”

Ms Keogh thinks her local success will be replicated nationwide and is confident that Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas will keep her seat – the only won the party won in 2010.

“I think nationally the Greens are going to make advancements,” said Ms Keogh.

“We’ve just has the exit polls in and we are looking at two seats and in fact a YouGov poll has us on three. I’m really confident about Caroline keeping her seat as well.”

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