Roehampton actress continues her quest for best job in the world with giant billboard campaign


Holly Easterbrook’s poster spent all of Friday in Camden High Street.


By Anthony Lewis-Binns

A South West London actress on the verge of winning the ‘best job in the world’ was the focus of a large billboard campaign this weekend.

Holly Easterbrook is down to the last 25 candidates hoping to become ‘Chief Funster’ in Sydney.

Sponsored by Clear Channel UK, Holly’s campaign poster spent all of Friday on Camden High Street, one of the busiest streets in London.

The digital billboard averages 24,700 views each day, with Holly hoping the publicity will help her move closer to her dream role.

“I’m already going travelling and had secured my Australian holiday working visa for a year, so did research about opportunities in Sydney, saw the competition and thought it was perfect for me,” she said at the event.

“It’s sociable, it involves writing, travel, and a lot of culture and arts, which I love as I’m an actress.

“I saw for the first stage we had to submit a 30 second video, and normally I wouldn’t be able to find the time, but this was too perfect, and I’m so glad I did.”

Holly is not daunted by the experience, being a bit of a daredevil at heart, although she admitted she will miss some things.

“I’ve swum with sharks so I’m not particularly scared of things – but the heat will be a huge adjustment,” she said.

“I fly to Thailand in a week, and will find out if I won while travelling, so I’m blocking out what I’ll be missing. But I will miss my friends and family.

“I’ll miss the theatre scene too. They have a good theatre scene in Sydney, but I’ll miss the West End.

Being an actress since a baby is something Holly is sure will be an asset for the role.

“You need to be confident and charismatic, and hold your own in sociable situations. I’m sure I’ll be talking to people at meetings and doing speeches, so there are lots of transferable skills that might give me the edge over other competitors.”

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