Preview: London Wall @ Finborough Theatre



The production runs from Tuesday January 29 – Saturday February 23 2013

A rediscovered play from the early 20th century is wowing audiences at Kensington & Chelsea’s Finsborough Theatre.

John Van Druten’s London Wall, a play focusing on the life of women workers in the city, first appeared in the West End in 1931.

Directed by Tricia Thorns, it presents a wryly comic look at a professional world in which men fail to see women as equals, and leaves audiences asking how much has changed in the last 80 years.

Set in a solictor’s office, new typist Pat becomes the focus of the manager’s attentions. While some try to warn her and others leave her to her fate, her steady boyfriend tries to win her back. Meanwhile, cynical Miss Janus believes her love life is over after being jilted by her lover at the age of 35.

The performance is presented by Two’s Company, a group set up in order to uncover forgotten gems of 20th century theatre. Their The Forgotten Voices of the Great War series of nine plays has also been the subject of much critical acclaim.

Founder of the company, Graham Cowley, said: “It continues to surprise us that plays written over 80 years ago can speak to us with such relevance and clarity.”

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