Croydon community discuss 2011 riots following screening of award-winning documentary


Fairfield Halls hosted the 86th screening of Riot from Wong


By Sean Connor

The award-winning documentary Riot from Wrong held its last major screening in Croydon last night, where the aunt of Mark Duggan engaged with the public.

Carol Duggan sat at the forefront of a panel in Fairfield Halls which hosted the 86th screening of the documentary created by the young production team, Fully Focused.

The documentary reasoned why such violence and mass rioting spread across the nation in early August 2011, sparking a passionate debate amongst attendees.  

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, said: “This is a fantastic venture by West Croydon Voice. Having met and spoken to some of the riot victims, I know just how much pain and damage those riots have caused the people of Croydon.”

West Croydon Voice, who hosted the event, are a community group set up by Bushra Ahmed, whose family dry-cleaning business in London Road was burnt down when the rioting spread to Croydon on August 8.

Ms Ahmed said: “For those of us who lost everything, we created our own voice. This is a way for us to be heard, this is why I wanted to do this, – this conversation needs to be had.”

Controversial topics were raised in the discussion, questioning the behaviour of the police at the time of the rioting and the media’s depiction of the events.

The Fully Focused team however did reiterate that the documentary and discussion aimed to find solutions, rather than to point the finger.

A spokesman from the documentary, said: “We had everyone’s attention, and we wasted it, but people who wouldn’t normally have been seen were noticed worldwide.”

Fully Focused team member, Fidel Kenny, said: “It’s about communities using their voice positively and catalysing a change, the solution belongs to all of us.”

One of the very few criticisms that came up in the debate was that the production team may have taken on too much and tried to address too many issues.

In response, director of Riot from Wrong Teddy Nygh, said: “We had to think which can of worms do we open, and which can of worms do we not open.

“We just wanted to make sense of as society’s issues, however we can.”

Croydon North MP Steve Reed said: “The film was very provocative, it was immensely powerful.

“It’s a way to put power back into the community and it’s fantastic to see young people being able to speak about their experiences.”

When asked what the Fully Focused production team were planning in future, Mr Nygh, said: “We’re trying to do as much as we can as a small organisation, and we will continue to do so.

“Projects are currently in place and will be worked on by the young team.”

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