Racist comments on internet following Surbiton schoolboy death


Social network sites and blogs have become platforms for cruel jibes in the wake of Sumuel Orola’s tragic death.


By Holly Christodoulou

Racist comments appeared on the internet following the tragic death of a five-year-old boy who fell from his school climbing frame in Surbiton.

Samuel Orola fell off a climbing frame at Tolworth Infant and Nursery School last month and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Some social network sites and blogs became platforms for race-related comments following the boy’s tragic death.

One Twitter user has been banned from the site after making racist remarks.

The culprit marked the end of his tweets with a British National Party (BNP) hashtag, making it more accessible for users to find.

Under the name S_F_L he tweeted: “Boy, 5, dies after falling from climbing frame in school playground lol a monkey that couldn’t climb unlucky #bnp.”

This is not the first time the microblogger has expressed racist views on Twitter.

In another tweet, he posted: “Muslims caught praying on the streets of Paris face arrest. Good. When can we get that to happen here? #bnp.”

Sickipedia, a database famed for inappropriate jokes, posted a joke by jackmeough, which said: “Sky News: Police are treating the death of a 5 year old, Samuel Orola, who died after falling off of a climbing frame as ‘unexplained’. Obviously, a white kid falling off the monkey bars is normal, but….”

One blogger allowed racist remarks to be posted on the comments section of her blog in response to a story about Samuel.

Captain Haddock posted: “And if the kid’s name had been Johnny Bloggins the story would never even have made it as far as the local freebie rag ..”

An anonymous user wrote: “Such a dangerous country this England. No doubt the family will be flying back to Nigeria on the next available flight.”

The racial slurs are in stark contrast to the messages of condolence left at the gates of Tolworth Infant and Nursery School.

One floral tribute included a note saying: “To a wonderful little boy and best friend. We will miss you lots.”

Samuel was found unconscious on 15th September on the school playground by teachers, who were alerted by classmates.

Samuel’s uncle, Femi Akinlab, 41, said: “We can’t understand how a child could die just like that from a fall. Wasn’t anyone looking after him?

“You send a child to school and you expect them to be looked after and safe. You expect the school to take responsibility.”

Parents are now questioning the safety of the school with one mother, from Douglas Road, asking if the school is 100 percent safe.

She said: “This was a tragic accident but I would not send my own children to the school if there was any possibility that safety might be in question.”

In a statement, Headteacher Rachel Nye said it was with ‘deepest sadness’ that she had to inform the parents of the ‘tragic accident’.

Police officers are treating the death as unexplained but believe it was an accident.

A full inquiry is being launched with officials from the Health and Safety Executive.

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