Animal activists gather for We Stand For The Animals memorial

More than a hundred animal activists gathered at Parliament Square on Sunday for a memorial for animals who suffer and die because of human abuse and exploitation.

*Warning: this piece contains images and a video containing dead animals*

The memorial was organised by the non-profit organisation We Stand For The Animals to remember all the animals who are killed every year for food, clothing, vivisection and entertainment, among other industries.

Participants in the memorial ceremony held photos of animals or frozen dead animals to show what happens behind the doors and what the public may never see.

A We Stand for The Animals spokesperson said: “These animals represent all those around the world whose screams are not heard.”

The ceremony included speeches to reflect on the progress that has been made and how we can move forward, including a speech by We Stand For The Animals founder Hannah Blake.

In her speech, Blake said: “Those paying for the suffering, those who turn a blind eye, those who do not stop and think, they are all as culpable as the one holding the knife.

“Animals are here on this planet with us and not for us.”

South West Londoner also talked to Will Sorflaten, senior campaigner at vegan charity Viva, who is advocating for a more vegan world.

Sorflaten claimed it is easier than ever to see what happens behind closed doors in the animal industry thanks to social media exposure, and that this has resulted in more young people than ever before engaging in veganism.

An example is Viva’s undercover investigation of Winterbrook Farm Partners in 2020 which forced the pig farm to close.

Animal activists gathered at Parliament Square on Sunday for the We Stand For The Animals memorial

Animal liberationist Ronnie Lee shared his speech for the event on social media as he was unable to attend.

Similar events were held in Liverpool and Northern Ireland on Sunday.

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