EasyJet set to broaden Londoners’ horizons this summer

With each new year, EasyJet expands its network and launches a handful of different flight routes to both popular and relatively unknown destinations alike.

This summer there is no shortage of exotic European locations for Londoners to take advantage of.

The EasyJet flight routes have a surprisingly large role to play in our annual holiday plans. For those of us not lucky enough to indulge in booking a luxury charter flight with the likes of JetApp, the EasyJet flight paths usually determine our weekend getaways and our longer summer holiday stretches.

With that in mind, here’s a brief look at EasyJet’s latest destinations departing from London:


A lesser-known destination in Greece, Volos is situated on the coast between Athens and Thessaloniki. The port city is steeped in history, but also boasts an impressive university, which adds vibrancy to the city’s atmosphere. With plenty of museums, the nearby mountain side, and a host of top-rated restaurants and bars, Volos is a lovely alternative to the popular Athens.


The northwest Greek city provides a slightly more modern city experience than what Volos offers. Packed with narrow streets and bustling squares, Thessaloniki has plenty of local trattorias allowing visitors to gorge on the catch of the day.


Ancona is an unusual Italian destination. While it does not quite offer the charm of Rome, the beauty of Venice, or the cultural highlights of Naples, what it does have is the rich history of a port city overlooking the Adriatic. With ruins, museums, beaches, and, needless to say, superb cuisine, Ancona is an Italian spot well worth discovering.


The southern city has long been one of France’s most popular destinations. With food, wine and scenery that is hard to beat, a weekend in the world’s most famous wine capital should be at the top of everybody’s to-do lists.


Bastia is the main port town on the French island of Corsica. The city is not only known as a popular wine destination, but also as a quiet and authentic Corsican location with plenty of art galleries and museums.


For those looking for a quieter alternative to Dubrovnik, Croatia’s Pula is a wonderful choice. Located on the most southern tip of the Istria peninsula, Pula offers fewer tourists and just as many beautiful beaches as Dubrovnik. It is also a great location to reach all of surrounding islands.


Prague has been a popular tourist destination for a long time but has only recently dropped its reputation as a stag destination (despite the host of stag options within the UK) and become known for its culture, history and surrounding nature. Not to mention the plethora of unique bars – known for local beer and inventive cocktails.


Visitors to Dubrovnik are almost always guaranteed the good weather. Despite the constant stream of tourists hopping on and off cruise ships, the city’s nearby beaches and islands are absolutely to die for.

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