My Raynes Park Festival celebrates Happy List nominees


Residents voted for those who made others happy.


By Kai Bawmwang & Jas Bahia

Raynes Park residents came together last weekend to celebrate individuals in the area who bring joy to others as part of their annual festival.

Locals were nominated for the Happy List (a concept inspired by the Independent’s list of the same name) as part of this year’s theme of MyRaynesPark Festival – ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’.

The local Costa Coffee cafe and twenty-two individuals were awarded at a ceremony that took place at St Matthew’s Church last saturday.

Mark Williamson, one of the co-ordinators, said the festival hopes to enrich, entertain and celebrate the people of Raynes Park.

“It has been really amazing to recognise some of the unsung contributors and heroes of our community,” he said.

“Happiness is what binds a community together. It would be great if celebrating community together makes us happier as residents.”

The event also included an art exhibition that asked residents to use the year’s theme as inspiration and people from all ages won prizes for their artwork.   

In addition to events taking place during the week, a gratitude board was placed in the tunnel by the rail station for the public to write what they are thankful for.

The festival has been running for five years and started as a gift from local churches to residents to promote positivity in the community.

It has grown to become a large community arts festival that is supported by local businesses, arts organisations and Merton Council.

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