New Hounslow King Charles mural met with mixed reaction

A mural of King Charles popped up in Hounslow ahead of the coronation prompting mixed reaction from residents.

The artwork is courtesy of Creative Art Campus, a Hounslow-based studio on Kingsley Road.

This new artistic addition to Kingsley Road stands just one street along from a painting of the Queen which was completed by the local studio a few months prior following her death in September.

WORK OF ART: The Mural of the late Queen was painted last September

Yash Patel, 20, a painter involved with the new mural said: “I’m not actually a royalist. Our goal is to put this road on the map and to do that we want as much exposure as we can get.”

Patel said the team had contacted the council regarding planning permission but the council did not really know what the rules were in this area.

The avid painters were advised that it would not be an offence to paint the mural so long as permission was obtained from the building owner.

“No one has ever had a problem with us.” Patel said.

He stated that paintings commemorating big events were more likely to lead to exposure than landscape murals or similar artwork.

RED, WHITE AND BLUE: Bunting hangs over Hounslow’s ASDA to mark the Coronation

Sri Ram, 45, a worker inside the newly decorated building, commented: “It’s nice as long as it looks good.

“My boss thought people would look at this building so it’s important in a social and business sense.”

An employee at the café next door had similar thoughts, with Raja, 40, commenting: “I have stared at the wall, it looks good.

“Everyone walking by is looking at it and a lot of people are taking pictures.”

In the pharmacy opposite the studio’s Queen Elizabeth painting, Haroon Latif, 40, said of the September mural: “I don’t think it’s that great but it’s fine. Generally it’s a good thing.”

While local business owners seem generally in favour of the new King Charles mural, it is unclear whether the average Hounslow resident shares their sentiment.

VINCENT VAN HOUNSLOW: The Creative Art Campus Studio on Kingsley Rd.

One Kingsley Road resident said: “This is nothing more than an opportunist publicity stunt for the artists to promote their business by high-jacking the public realm, and it cheapens the character of Kingsley Road.

“The sponsor logos and social media links mean that at least advertisement consent is needed from the council, but unfortunately planning enforcement officers turn a blind eye for fear they might offend someone.

“Which is nonsense because this graffiti doesn’t represent the community.

THE COMMUNITY: Bustling Hounslow High Street nearby

“This would never be tolerated in Chiswick, Brentford or Isleworth but central Hounslow seems to be a free-for-all.”

In a poll of 40 residents aged 18-25, asking ‘Do you like that this has been painted in Hounslow?’ 63% of respondents said no.

19% had no preference and 18% responded in the affirmative.

POLE POSITION: 40 respondents offered their view

That said, many local passers-by did seem quite fond of the mural, with Tajuddin Shaik, 25 saying: “In an artistic sense it’s good. It is a way for people to show their love.

“Anyone who likes art would be in favour of it.”

Ronnie, 41, added: “I think it looks good. It supports culture.”

Creative Art Campus says its ultimate goal is to fill the street with murals and draw positive attention to a lesser appreciated area of town.

Featured image: credit Noor Qurashi

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