Standing still in Hounslow a positive result in context for Conservatives

Hounslow Council remains a Labour stronghold but the Conservatives have held their own in the face of a national picture which went against them.

Labour gained four seats from two independents and two new wards introduced in this election while the Conservatives managed to hold the 10 seats they came with.

Conservative Ron Mushiso was elected in the contentious seat of Chiswick Gunnersbury along with the three other Conservatives in that ward.

He said: “I am relieved to have won, it’s a vindication of the hard work we have given to the constituency since we were elected in 2018.

“I’ve never worked harder.
“In terms of holding the administration to account we’ve done our very level best with committees, on scrutiny and I think the residents of Chiswick recognised that.”

There were only 23 votes between Labour’s Emma Jane Yates and Conservative Ranjit Gill who got 1,389 votes, close to Mushiso’s 1,402.

Mushiso went on: “I trust the residents of Chiswick.

“They took the national picture out of this election and voted based on the merit of our councilors.”

Winner of the first Conservative seat to be announced Allen Joseph for Hanworth Village said: “I’m so glad to be the first Conservative announced tonight.

“I will really work towards the welfare of the people who elected me and I’m so happy to be a part of the residents who elected me”

The Tories managed to keep in line with their expectations and in the national scope have been a success in a heavily Labour borough.

Labour also managed to realise their plan which Labour Cabinet Member for Finances and Corporate Services Shantanu Rajawat outlined.

He said: “It would be really nice if we increased our majority.

“It’s looking hopeful, the councils looking good and we will consolidate more of our seats.

“And an increased majority will help us deliver those ambitions in more of the areas around the borough.”

When talking about their new majority and the national scope of party gate and cost of living Rajawat said: “I think it helped because the staunch Tory voters probably stayed at home and thought actually this is one they can’t really vote behind Boris”

The current Labour Mayor of Hounslow Bishnu Bahadur Gurung was voted back to his seat for the third successive time at Hanworth Park tonight too.

Gurung is somewhat of a Nepalese celebrity because he was a Gurkha for 19 years starting in 1976.

His successful career has attracted a lot of international attention with a Nepalese national broadcast journalist turning up to cover his story.

On re-election he said: “It is such a great pleasure and I am so honoured to be a councillor at Hounslow.”

The average turnout for all 22 Hounslow wards was 33.6%.

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