New father remains optimistic despite Bexley and Bromley Labour loss after Gareth Bacon Tory landslide

Labour candidate Sam Russell was jubilant at being named runner-up in his Bexley and Bromley constituency in spite of losing by 41,669 votes.

As Labour candidates across the capital celebrated their victories, Bexley and Bromley candidate Sam Russell also remained upbeat at being named runner-up.

The prospective councillor said he was really pleased to receive 45,791 of the votes at the London Olympia count.

Rival runner Gareth Bacon bought home 87,460 in the Conservative stronghold, having been the incumbent candidate since 2008.

Mr Russell said: “It looks like our share of the vote has stayed pretty similar to last time. That’s despite a lot of changes in the Bexley and Bromley area.”

The new-father stated that the Conservative stronghold had dwindled in popularity, and Mr Bacon’s share of the votes shrank from 88,482 in the 2012 elections.

UKIP’s share in the constituency surged from 13,776 in 2012 to Paul Gould’s 30,460 this year.

Mr Russell added: “Not all of Bexley and Bromley votes Labour, I think we know that, but people have been willing to give us the time of day and they have been listen to what we are saying.”

The hopeful was feeling optimistic for local elections in a couple of year’s time, but for now he is looking forward to a rest before campaigning for the country to remain in the EU.

For now, however, he is looking forward to spending time with his young son.

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