Labour retains West Thornton seat in council by-election after Tony Benn’s granddaughter steps down

Labour has held onto the West Thornton seat in a Croydon Council by-election following Emily Benn’s resignation to embark on her New York ambitions.

Labour’s Callton Young made a clear victory with 65% of the vote, taking over from Labour MP and peer Tony Benn’s granddaughter.

Ms Benn stepped down from her position in March after receiving a ‘fantastic’ opportunity across the pond after two years in the post.

Mr Young says he is delighted to have won and believes Labour’s victory was because they didn’t assume they had already won.

“West Thornton is the largest and most diverse ward in Croydon and Labour has the right policies that have resonated with the public,” he said.

“We did not take this election for granted, we were not complacent, we went to West Thornton in great numbers and we knocked on doors and the residents responded.”

The by-election had a turn out of 44% which Mr Young said was a lot despite it being overshadowed by the London elections today.

He said: “With the right policies and right man for the job, you get a great turn out.”

Cllr Young received 3,136 votes from a total of 4,846, defeating his closest rival, Conservative Scott Roche, with 909 votes.

Mr Roche tweeted after his loss, thanking his supporters.

He said: “Thank you everyone who has supported me, and giving me the opportunity to stand up for my community.”

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