Twickenham’s Christian Peoples Alliance candidate claims UKIP is ‘compromising’ on policy ahead of poll

UKIP has been blasted by a defector now standing for the Christian Peoples Alliance in Twickenham for ‘compromising on their principles’.

Reverend Dominic Stockford has lived and ministered in Teddington’s Christ Church since 2001 and served as a UKIP ward representative there before he jumped ship last year.

Although he explained he wouldn’t mind having a pint with Twickenham’s UKIP candidate Barry Edwards, he believes the party will not stand up for the principles it espouses.

“Once they got the whiff of an election in their nostrils they started to compromise,” he said.

“I think if you are part of a party you have no choice – they have to follow the party line.”

But Barry Edwards refuted any claims that he would need to toe the party line if he got into power.

He said: “There has been no compromise from UKIP on any policies that I am aware of in fact, we led on nearly all aspect of producing a fair, self-ruling UK that can pay its way.”

While UKIP have pledged to restore the country’s sovereignty, Rev Stockford is more concerned with re-establishing what he classes as the sovereignty of Jesus Christ.

However he does share Nigel Farage’s scepticism about climate change.

Mr Farage told the European Parliament in 2013 that worries over global warming may be ‘one of the biggest, stupidest collective mistakes in history’.

Rev Stockford said: “I don’t think the science is as clear as people make it – the climate has always changed.

“Some of the people they have in positions in those parties have significant interests in the renewable energies.”

Another issue that Rev Stockford voiced concern about is what he perceives as the suppression of free debate.

He said: “People don’t engage in a debate and then it ends up being discrimination.

“The classic ones are the bed and breakfast owners – effectively the law is now saying you are not able to make your own decisions about who you have in your house.”

Rev Stockford is urging voters to think about conservative Christian values before casting their votes tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Whitton Weekly via YouTube, with thanks

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