Firefighters remain unsure about cause of blaze on Wimbledon Broadway


A fire broke out in Viscount Point on Tuesday evening


By Jack Miller

Firefighters remain cagey over what caused the fire that left a Wimbledon flat smouldering on Tuesday.

Residents of Viscount Point on the Broadway returned home to find five fire engines and twenty-one firefighters trying to put out the blaze.

While the cause of the fire remains ‘under investigation’, London Fire Department has confirmed it broke out on the second floor at 5.56pm and there were no casualties.

Evelyne Riddle, 62, was left stranded outside for over an hour.

“I came back and saw trucks and men rushing around everywhere,” she said. “There was a lot of smoke coming from the windows, and the firemen said we could not go inside as they were evacuating the building.”

The firefighters had rushed in amid fears there were people trapped inside, but having discovered the building was clear put out the fire in half an hour.

The building’s owner, Caroline Smith, confirmed the origin of the fire is still unknown.

“I am still waiting for the fire department to determine the cause,” she commented yesterday. “But the most important thing is that the damage was contained to just one flat, and all residents were evacuated quickly and safely.”

Ms Riddle, a resident of over four years, added: “The second floor is now a real mess. It still smells of smoke, and everything inside the flat was black. It all seemed ruined.”

Residents returned to their homes the same evening.

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