Woman involved in collision with car outside South Wimbledon tube station

A pedestrian has escaped serious injuries after being involved in a road traffic accident in South Wimbledon this evening.

A car sped through the Merton Road junction before hitting a female on the pavement at around 16:00 this evening.

The Peugeot mounted the pavement before hitting a street sign and knocking the woman down.

The driver jumped out of his car to check on the victim.

Eyewitness Greg McMillan said: “The car ripped through the junction and just lost control. I don’t know how it happened.”

Another witness, Rachel Haxell, added: “I was just popping to the shops and I saw this car speeding out of nowhere and it hit the woman.

I hope she is okay and glad no one else has been hurt.”

Witnesses to the attack rushed to the help the woman as police were on the scene in minutes.

In a statement, Merton Police said: “There was a collision between a pedestrian and a car on the Merton road junction and they were called at 16:09.

“The pedestrian only received minor injuries and nothing life threatening.”

Merton Road has now reopened after long delays.

This incident is the latest in a number to have occurred at the South Wimbledon junction.

With 15 accidents in the past four years, this is Wimbledon’s most dangerous junction.

Statistics show these accidents resulted injuries, but none of them were fatal.

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