Man rescued from Thames after being spotted near Battersea heliport


The unnamed man was given CPR at the scene.


By Kojo Amofa

A drowning man was rescued from the freezing Thames near Battersea Heliport at 5pm yesterday evening.

Police confirmed the man was given CPR at the scene and is alive and out of immediate danger at present with the cause currently unknown.

The current of the water swept the man quickly as he was seen going from Wandsworth Bridge heading in the direction of Battersea Bridge, where witnesses heard a solitary cry of help.

Colin Stubbs, a Telecoms Manager from Essex, saw the man and immediately called the emergency services, as well as helping direct a Chiswick lifeboat to the distressed man.

Mr Stubbs said: “He looked to be barely alive and was doing occasional rolls in the water. The current was pushing him along the river quite fast.

“There were so many people that saw him go by, I was surprised to find out from the police that I was the only one that had called 999.

“They were very thankful as the emergency boat was heading in the wrong direction and without the call there would have been little chance of finding him.”

 Photo courtesy of Lewis Clarke, with thanks.

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